Timothy (Timmy) is the son of Mrs. frisby. He first appeared in Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh.
Timothy Frisby


Timothy Frisby (renamed as Brisby in the movie).


Son of Mrs. Frisby and Johnathan Frisby, brother of Martin, Theresa and Cynthia


Frisby Family.




Timothy became critically ill with pneumonia, but was cured by the mouse Mr. Ages, although he was phisicallly weakened and couldn't move outdoors in cool weather, so he had to be saved by having his house moved by the rats of NIMH .


He is kind and good natured, and according to Mrs. Frisby he thought the most of them, and was the most intelligent, suggesting he may have inherited his father Jonathan Brisby high intelligence rate.

Although Timothy was sick by pneumonia, when he was a child. He is always barefoot, because mice don't wear shoes.

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