Jonathan contributed greatly to the designs laid out by the rats of NIMH

Jonathan Frisby was the husband of Mrs. Frisby and one of the most recognized contributors to the plans of the rats of NIMH. As of the book and the movie he is introduced as being deceased, and his wife does not find the truth about his activities until meeting with the rats. He is a very brave man.

Jonathan Frisby


Jonathan Frisby (renamed as Brisby in the movie).




Husband to Mrs. Frisby, father of Timothy, Martin, Theresa and Cynthia


The rats of NIMH (especially Justin and Nicodemus)


Deceased (killed by Dragon, the farm cat)

Background Edit

Prior to the events in the book and the movie, little is known of Jonathan other than having died under unknown circumstances, leaving his wife, Mrs. Brisby (never formally introduced with her proper name) a widow and their four children fatherless. After Mrs. Brisby is advised to seek out the rats of NIMH in order to move her critically sick son, Timothy, from the threat of farmer Fitzgibbon's plow, she is received warmly by the rats, especially after learning that she is Jonathan's widow.

Meeting with Nicodemus, the leader of the rats, reveals that Jonathan was a test subject, along with the rats, at NIMH (the National Institue of Health in the United States), and one of the two test subjects among mice to survive the escape from NIMH along with Mr. Ages. Jonathan was the only rodent small enough to release the exit latch of the air vent they chose to use. The rats of NIMH were forever grateful to Jonathan due to that incident.

Jonathan continued to assist the rats even after their arrival to the Fitzgibbon farm, and kept that facet of his life a well guarded secret from his family. He volunteered to drug Dragon in order to help the rats advance their plans in weaning themselves off of stealing the farm's resources, but was killed by the cat in the attempt. His family never knew the true circumstances of his death until Mrs. Frisby's encounter with the rats.

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